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A home lockout can interfere with your plans to get things done. It could even cause you to miss important events. It’s worse if you have a small baby who needs changing or to be fed and the supplies are inside the house. But this incident need not create havoc in your life. Residential Locksmith Bellaire, Texas is here to help you.

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It is not likely that you will need a residential locksmithing service often, but if you lose your keys, get locked out of house or break a key in the door, you will need one.  We are an ideal home locksmith because we are locally based. Therefore, we will be able to respond with speed if you call Residential Locksmith Bellaire, Texas and if you live in Zip Codes 77401 and 77402.

rekey door locks

Residential Locksmith Bellaire rekeys locks

A popular service that we offer our customers to ensure their safety is to rekey house locks. This entails changing the lock cylinder so that old keys become obsolete. You heard that right. Your old boyfriend will not be able to get in your home again without your authorized permission. Why would you opt for this service instead of just having new locks put in? First, this operation is fast since it only involves changing a couple of parts. Second, it is far much cheaper since you will not be purchasing new locking systems and paying for them to be installed. Residential Locksmith Bellaire, Texas can make this happen.

House locks changed and master keys made

home master key

Your home may have had the same door for decades. But that doesn’t mean that you should not change house locks. You can get this done so that you can enjoy safety and security in your residence. Would you like a professional service to help you install new locks? Look no further. We are the professionals many call for their locksmithing needs.

In case you have different keys for your front, back door and the one entering your home through the garage, you probably waste a lot of time looking for the right one. You probably also carry a bundle like a janitor would. However, our locksmiths can lighten your load when they make a home master key for you. With this one, you will be able to carry just a single key and use it to open or lock all your entry ways. Residential Locksmith Bellaire, Texas makes this service available to you at a price that you can afford.